Crater Lake National Park

The Wood House | Natural Bridge | Crater Lake | The Gorge | Beckie's Cafe

Almost 8,000 years ago, an 11,000' volcano called Mt. Mazama collapsed into itself in a tremendous volcanic eruption, leaving a 3,000' crater that would become Crater Lake. An awe-inspiring national treasure, Crater Lake National Park became the country's fifth national park in 1902. Crater Lake National Park is a must-see destination in Southern Oregon, but to really get the Oregon experience, we’ve created a tour that will turn this iconic photo op hot spot into an experience of a lifetime. 



Our first stop is to see the Wood House circa 1870 in Eagle Point. The Wood House has ties back to a soldier who fought and died in the Civil War and has been preserved by the Eagle Point Historical Society since it was donated in 2000.


Then, enjoy views of scenic farmland out through Shady Cove and over the wild Rogue River as we make our way to the Natural Bridge Loop. Enjoy a 2-mile hike on a paved interpretive trail that leads to this natural wonder. Stretch your legs and use the restroom here before we make our way to the main attraction, Crater Lake National Park.


At 2,000 feet deep, the deepest freshwater lake in the United States and the ninth deepest lake in the world, Crater Lake does not fail to impress. The deep blue lake against the contrasting blue of the sky and evergreen trees offer a breathtaking welcome to Oregon. Take in the panoramic views of Crater Lake, visit the Crater Lake Lodge for food and souvenirs, and take all the pictures you want.


On the return trip from Crater Lake, we will stop at the spectacular Rogue River Gorge for a walk along a quarter-mile loop with views of a mighty section of the Rogue River. The 500' gorge formed as the lava tube constraining the river eroded away. The entire river is forced into the narrow and steep constraints of the lava tube's remnants, resulting in plummeting  waterfalls and whirlpools. 



Just a short walk across the parking lot is Beckie’s Café, a home-style diner that is a favorite among locals and famous for their homemade pies. Take a slice to-go and enjoy it on your ride back into the Rogue Valley.